In response to the the brokenness seen in a post modern culture, where social media and social justice have become a quintessential part of life, Full Armor is reestablishing the foundational beliefs and values given to us at creation.  We believe men were divinely given authority and have lost sight of this truth.  Therefore, it is our mission to PREPARE soldiers (young men) to daily live out their divine design, faithfully PROVIDE for their families, and respectfully PROTECT the next generation.

It is easy to point out the issues in our world today, complain, and talk about the way things used to be at a particular time.  Full Armor is changing the narrative by intentionally establishing an environment for soldiers to be developed holistically, (Body-Mind-Spirit), by our team of stewards .  Our hope is that all young men will have a steward to point him to biblical truth when it comes to the matters of the heart, and the pressures of life seeking to shape their identity.  

While we believe mentorship is a critical component of change in the lives of young men, we acknowledged transformation is not possible apart from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Strategic mentorship, spiritual discipleship, and leadership development invested into our soldiers results in transformed hearts, united people, and changed lives through our community initiatives, better known as...